Three Rave Reviews for OKoD!

Three Disney Fan Community heavyweights have weighed in on the newest book from Bamboo Forest Publishing, “Our Kingdom of Dust”, and so far the consensus is unani-mouse: They love it!

The first is from notorious rabble-rouser Jim Hill, who calls it, “A soap opera-like page turner”! Read the rest of the review at

The second review comes from Kevin Yee at Miceage, who says, “The opening pages will grab you by the jugular and thrash you around until there is no escape; it’s a hard book to put down.” Check out the whole review at!

Next is a podcast/video review from Jeff and George of Communicore Weekly. They loved it, too!

Finally, a lot of people have been asking when “Our Kingdom of Dust”  will be available on iTunes, and happily it looks like it’ll be up there in a week (by 6/4)! But for now, don’t forget that you can buy a signed hardback or paperback here at the Bamboo Forest Store, or in ebook format on Amazon and Smashwords!

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