Hugh Allison, Co-uthor of Hollow World: Origins

Hugh Allison is a writer who has penned pieces for theatre, radio and film. 

He is the in-house editor for Bamboo Forest Publishing, and has worked on all their releases to date: The Dark Side of Disney (second edition onwards), From Dreamer to Dreamfinder, It’s Kind of a Cute Story and Our Kingdom of Dust. He has also proof read and fact checked many, many other works, including the 30th Anniversary Edition of Building a Better Mouse, Top Tips for Visiting Disneyland Paris and From Lost Youth to Home Truth.

Hugh writes for various Disney related websites, and is currently working on two fucking lengthy books (one fiction, one non) about Disneyland Paris, as well as co-writing a screenplay about a touring band.

Hugh’s short story, Growing Up with the Kindnarians, is on sale as part of “All The Small Things”, a collection of international tales, written to raise money for Right to Play UK.