A modern fairy tale from Leonard Kinsey, the bestselling author of The Dark Side of Disney.

Man-child Blaine McKinnon is brilliant, wealthy, and completely alone. After an emotional breakdown, Blaine starts a new life at the only place he was ever truly happy: Walt Disney World. But he soon finds that just below the surface of his childhood paradise lies a kingdom corrupted by drugs, violence, and deceit.

For the first time, Kinsey brings his fresh writing style to the world of fiction, with astounding results. Our Kingdom of Dust deftly combines and insightful and riveting tale with the humor and irreverence that made The Dark Side of Disney an international bestseller.

Our Kingdom Of Dust is a fantastic and wonderfully written debut novel from Leonard Kinsey. A powerful narrative with some of the weirdest characters you’ll ever meet, it’s like a Palahniuk novel high on Pixie Dust, with a dash of the dark side of Disney thrown in for good measure. Suspenseful and hilarious, this is a must read for everyone who’s always suspected there’s a seedy underbelly to all things Disney.”
—Jeff Heimbuch, Miceage.com

“A fantastic story about a man who looks to his childhood for salvation from a life that has turned on him, only to find that things aren’t always as expected (or remembered). Our Kingdom of Dust is an emotion-provoking read, written in classic Kinsey style.”
—Brett Bennett, WDWFanboys.com

“Kinsey breaks new ground with a tale about addiction – mental, emotional and physical – in his look at one Disney fan’s journey back to the memories of his youth. Anyone who has revisited their childhood stomping grounds and found disturbing changes will relate, as will anyone who has fallen in love so quickly that they couldn’t explain it. Our Kingdom of Dust is a true page-turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final word.”
—George Taylor, Imaginerding.com

“Leonard Kinsey is at it again, this time exposing the dark side of Guests and Cast Members who’ll do anything for a taste of ‘Happily Ever After’. Our Kingdom of Dust is one scary ride!”
—Ron Schneider, author of From Dreamer to Dreamfinder